South African Underground Coal Gasification Association

The South African Underground Coal Gasification Association (SAUCGA) is an independent, volunteer association established for the purpose of promoting the development of UCG in South Africa in the most appropriate, sustainable and environmentally sound manner whilst recognizing the proprietary interests of participating bodies.

The founding objectives of the SAUCGA are:

  • To create a recognized, co-ordinated point of engagement with stakeholders.
  • To advise, develop, enable, support and guide appropriate policy and regulations.
  • To establish a balanced position in the case of UCG in SA, including positive and negative aspects, impacts and opportunities.
  • To provide an inclusive, balanced and credible advisory function on UCG using a panel of experts.
  • To create academic research focal points.
  • To develop skills relevant to UCG.
  • To consider a series of steps leading to a SA UCG Roadmap.

The role of UCG in an every changing world with a big emphasis on reducing carbon emission and also limiting global warming below 2, it has become important to map-out the part UCG can actively plan.

South Africa is facing long term energy security challenges, brought about by a myriad of factors that are somewhat unique or exacerbated in the global context. These include: energy access and affordability; dwindling reserves of accessible bulk primary energy; mounting environmental concerns with all forms of energy generation (especially coal and nuclear); balancing the electricity grid comprising an increasing proportion of non-despatchable renewable energy sources; mounting environmental liabilities with defunct mining operations; and lastly but by no means less importantly, fluctuating exchange rates and energy commodity prices.

UCG as an emerging advanced clean coal technology could offer solutions for these challenges, as it can cost-effectively and cleanly liberate vast coal resources in the country, which currently cannot be economically mined using traditional mining technologies.

SAUCGA has taken on the challenge to map-out the role UCG could play in South Africa and other Africa jurisdictions through the exploitation of coal resources using UCG technology. Through workshops, conferences and the development of a SA UCG Roadmap for 2016 members and the public are invited to participate in adding to the developing of UCG.